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Greetings to NYS-ITRP alumni and faculty-

Attached, please find a holiday card and a new issue of “Connections” from the NYS-ITRP. Clearly the most important challenge we have had over the past year has been the war in Ukraine. I continue to be awed by the bravery and ingenuity of our Ukrainian faculty and alumni.   

Attached, please find a holiday card and a new issue of “Connections” from the NYS-ITRP. Clearly the most important challenge we have had over the past year has been the war in Ukraine. I continue to be awed by the bravery and ingenuity of our Ukrainian faculty and alumni.   

During this past year I was able to restart travel to both Georgia and Kazakhstan after a lapse of almost 3 years. As detailed in our bulletin, I had the opportunity meet with affiliated Georgian and Kazakh University leadership and reinvigorate our training programs. Highlights of this past year include the initiation of an implementation science course in Tbilisi and the initiation of training on the impact of noncommunicable diseases on people living with HIV in both Georgia and Kazakhstan. 

Finally, I was gratified to be able to provide a mentor for a “second generation” researcher here at Downstate. Anna Tisler is a PhD candidate at Tartu University in Estonia, and a trainee of Anneli Uusküla, a graduate of the NYS-ITRP in 2003. As you can see from the video embedded in Connections, Anna is spending a year with us here in Brooklyn on an important research project.


Let me also take a moment to remind you that we have a weekly HIV/infectious diseases research conference at noon (US Eastern Time) on Thursdays. We will continue to send the links and hope some of you can join us. Stay safe and best wishes for the holidays and New Year.   



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Jack A. DeHovitz, MD, MPH, MHCDS


New York State International Training and Research Program

Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University



Visit with the Rector of

Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

On July, 4th, 2022, Drs. DeHovitz and Djibuti (Principal Investigators on the Strategic Training Partnership to End AIDS in Georgia Fogarty funded HIV Research Program) met with the Rector of Tbilisi State University, Dr. George Sharvashidze. We were accompanied by the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Dr. Dmitry Kordzaia. We discussed the initial success of the first cohort of 4 trainees of the doctoral program in public health and the plans for initiating an implementation Science Course on campus in October, 2022. We also discussed our plans to admit 6 students into the second and final year of recruitment of the program. We agreed to continue to keep University leadership aware of the progress of our program.

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New Course Launches at Tbilisi State University

SPH: Implementation Research on HIV/AIDS

From October 11 to October 31, the Partnership for Research and Action for Health (PRAH), through its current grant supported by the Fogarty International Center, conducted the three-week short-term training course, “Implementation Research on HIV/AIDS.”


The goal of the course is to teach students about implementation science, specifically how evidence-based public health interventions can be developed and integrated into practice. This course covers the teaches the essential skills and methods to overcome barriers to the development, implementation, sustainability, and dissemination of evidence-based public health programs and policies. The course used a case analysis approach to present concrete examples of the application of relevant methods in the real world, with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS.  

The course was delivered by PRAH/Tbilisi State University (TSU) affiliated faculty with in-person and online participation of US faculty from New York  University (NYU), State University of New York Downstate Health Sciences University (SUNY-DMC) and New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute (NYSDOH-AI):

In-person classes were conducted at Tbilisi State University in Tbilisi, Georgia. Overall, 13 participants attended the course, including 4 doctoral students from the first trainee cohort, 8 short-term trainees (public health researchers and professionals working in HIV field) and one doctoral student from the
Fogarty /NYS-ITRP program in Kazakhstan.

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New Rector of Kazakh National Medical
Meets with New York State International,

Training and Research Program (NYS-ITRP) Leadership 

In June 2022, Jack DeHovitz, MD, MPH met with the new Rector of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU), Marat Shoranov, MD, PhD (former First Deputy Minister of the Kazakh Ministry of Health).  Dr. DeHovitz and Zhamilya Nugmanova, MD, Professor, Division of HIV Infection at KNMU, and Fogarty grant MPI, presented the grant goals of the renewed Fogarty-funded HIV Research Training grant to Dr. Shoranov.

Since 2016, Fogarty-funded New York State International Training and Research Program (NYS-ITRP) has collaborated with KNMU to train faculty and develop HIV research training capacity at its School of Public Health. The grant was renewed for another five years in 2021. 

In their conversations, Dr. Shoranov, a graduate of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, expressed his appreciation of NYS-ITRP training goals to enhance KNMU research capacity.  Dr Shoranov also emphasized his extensive experience in clinical research (urology) and public health (as Director of National Center of Healthcare Development, Chair of Healthcare Department of Eastern Kazakhstan Region). These experiences further underscored the importance of improving epidemiology and biostatistics training at KNMU and implementing a contemporary curriculum for students at all levels.  

As NYS-ITRP continues to support building a foundation of research expertise at KNMU, Dr. Shoranov expressed his hope that a new generation of KNMU graduates and faculty would be able to advance research not only in HIV related areas but also in public health and medicine. 

In their meetings, Dr. Shoranov further expressed his gratitude to NYS-ITRP in supporting his efforts to raise the visibility of KNMU as a leading medical university in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region. He was hopeful that the KNMU-SUNY collaboration will strengthen in years to come.

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candidate in medicine
(public health and infectious diseases)
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University,
School of Public Health (SPH)

Anna Tisler, MPH, MSc, PhD


Recent students

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Supplement awards

to study HIV and Aging